Putting Christ into the Crisis of UGANDA

God changing lives through ChristAid...

With great joy, the ChristAid Board has heard and seen evidence of something new and beautiful happening in Uganda!! The young adults who are our ChristAid alumni graduates, found a way to give back to Uganda in a profound and caring way!

Led by two of our young people on staff in the Uganda ChristAid office, the Alumni has aggressively gathered food, cash and clothing for the people of Isingiro, Uganda which is located approximately one hundred miles south of Fort Portal. This area has serious drought conditions which has lasted long enough to have dangerously impacted the food supply in the area.

Jen Komuhendo, (our Ahadi kid’s specialist) and Emmanuel Isagara, our new accountant, were the CA alumni members who heard of the devastating impact the drought is having on families in Isingiro and acted. Enlisting the help of other alumni (50+ members strong), they set up tents in Fort Portal for collecting much needed food and clothing. They rallied the community to give generously by walking the streets with loud speakers in hand to tell the plight of the Isingiro people and ask for assistance on their behalf. You can see by these pictures, that they were wildly successful in securing donations of all kinds. The thing not to be missed here, is that this effort is Ugandans helping Ugandans. For the first time, ever, it is not the ChristAid Board or its donors who were asked for help. It is our alumni seeking help and fostering volunteerism from among their own people. This is significant and the first effort of its kind in Fort Portal. With piles of fresh potatoes, cabbage, cassava, bananas and rice these young people next had to figure out transportation to the remote villages in Isingiro several hours away. A large truck with a high rack was secured and every possible inch filled with food and other necessities given for the people. Anyone who has visited Uganda has seen that transportation is expensive and physically difficult. Our kids from all walks of life, (including ChristAid Pastor Jennifer Bysinge and David Mporampora) climbed atop the precarious pile of precious gifts and bumped and jarred their endless trek to the quiet province bordering Rwanda to the south. The faces of mothers and children who received the food in their handmade baskets shows real gratitude and relief. There was food for their Christmas tables when it must have seemed impossible, just the day before. The Alumni learned that it feels wonderful to share with other people….in this case….sharing delicious food, genuine smiles, heartfelt encouragement and most importantly….the love of God. The initiative of Jen and Emmanuel, and the generosity of the Fort Portal residents has hopefully started a new mentality of caring for each other and sharing to bless each other. Before the exhausted alumni group gathered in the empty truck for the hundred-mile trip home, Pastor Jennifer, with her deep, rich voice, delivered thunderous prayers for rain and prosperity for the Isingiro people……and before they left, the first rain they had experienced in a very long time began to fall !! God likes to put His “Amen” on things.

Thanks, ChristAid Alumni for your initiative and for being “God’s Love in Action” in Uganda!

Meet JENIFFER KOMUHENDO. Her name means "the very precious one" Her hopes were shattered until she was accepted into the Ahadi kids program. When she was a little girl Brad and Karen Foos of Denver, Colorado came into her life. They paid her way through grade school and college and she graduated with a degree in business administration. Her dreams came true. The Foos donated a state-of-the-art computer and $2,000 to help her reach her goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur. She hoped to start a secretarial service and a stationary store. She also tried the restaurant business. Yes! indeed! another God fearing, young Ugandan leader, the true definition of a SUCCESS STORY!!

Her American papa, Brad, a financial planner, hopes to start a fund in Uganda to finance small businesses that would benefit the youth and elderly of Uganda.

kellenMeet KELLEN MPAKA, another of our grown up Ahadi Kids. She is beautiful, elegant and intelligent and loves God with her heart and soul. She is the proud graduate of Ndejje University, one of the old reliable institutions in Uganda. Her major? Social studies. With a BA in hand, she was able to find employed as a social worker at a camp for refugees mostly from Congo, Sudan, Somalia and other war-torn countries. Kellen took advantage of the sacrifices her proud American sponsors made for her. ChristAid recently learned that she was building a small guest house. Kellen is yet another God-fearing future Ugandan leader, another "SUCCESS STORY."

kennethMeet KENNETH BAGONZA, a genius and jack of all trades. Kenneth cherished every moment of his time in the Ahadi Kids program. So grateful was he that he vowed never to waste the opportunity given him by Liz and Steve Jenkins his American parents/sponsors In Colorado. His hard work and diligence earned him a degree in social studies from Uganda Christian University, one of the envied colleges in Uganda because of it's amazing curriculum. Upon graduation, Ken's American parents brought him to the United States for a visit. The Jenkins hoped he would enroll at Colorado University. But they were surprised by what Ken said. "I have been tremendously blessed," he said. "I would be much happier if I could return to Uganda and give back to my community."

The Jenkens called David Mporampora to inquire about a job opening at the ChristAid headquarters in Uganda. The position of "Project Coordinator" was available, a perfect job for Ken.

Today Ken is on staff with the very organization that stood in the gap for him. In a addition to his job, Ken spends a lot of volunteer hours counseling and coaching young people in computer literacy. Another "SUCCESS STORY"

moses katiikiroMeet MOSES KATIIKIRO. Moses now owns his own carpentry workshop. How did he get here? Franchsca Yarnell of Hawaii, USA took Moses as her covenant son. Moses chose to attend a vocational college where he learned carpentry. His American mom donated $2,500 so he could purchase equipment and start his own business. Thanks to our dear friend Francesca, Moses is self-employed furniture maker. He is yet another Ahadi Kids "SUCCESS STORY."

liff asafaMeet WYCLIFF ASABA. When Wycliff was accepted in the Ahadi Kids program, none of us knew that we had just accepted a genius and academic monster. The young man was very intelligent. Academically he ranked 3rd in Uganda's elementary school system, beating millions of other kids. Currently he is enrolled at prestigious Makerere University. He is also a soccer playing wiz. Thanks to Wycliff's American parents, Wycliff is another of our Ahadi Kids "SUCCESS STORIES."

If you have any questions regarding participation in projects and missions of ChristAid, send us an e-mail.