“I thank the Lord so much for the good heart you’ve showed me to be able to sponsor me.” - Kamara, Ahadi Kid


+ What is the situation for children in Uganda?

The country of Uganda, Africa has been ravaged by war, AIDS, Malaria and cruel dictatorships. The estimated number of orphans in Uganda is 2.3 million. Many children are 'full orphans' meaning that neither parent is alive. This sometimes leads to child headed households -- children taking care of children. Some kids have been orphaned by one parent, and oftentimes must go to live with relatives as the surviving parent can no longer care for them. Still others may live with a parent, but are forced to quit school because they cannot afford the required uniform or school supplies. Children who drop out of school with little or no skills resort to the street, some finding odd jobs just to survive.The education system in Uganda is divided into Preschool (ages 3-5), 7 years of Primary (labeled P.1 to P.7) and 6 years of Secondary (labeled S.1 to S.6). At the end of P.7 students take a national Primary Leaving Exam (PLE) that determines whether they qualify to attend a secondary school. Secondary school is divided into S.1 to S.4 or O-level and S.5 to S.6 or A-level. After each of these stages the students take another national exam to gain admittance to the next level.

+ How does ChristAid address this situation?

Sponsored Ahadi Kids will attend ChristAid Academy through primary school. After completion of primary school they will attend boarding schools throughout Uganda for their secondary education. The sponsorship of a primary student is $40 per month and a secondary is $70 per month. University support is optional and varies in cost and time depending upon the school and the program the student desires. Costs range from $50 to $150 monthly and from 1 to 4 years. If you choose to continue to support your Ahadi Kid through university or technical school, you will be consulted concerning the cost and your willingness to proceed. No expectation for university support is included with your Ahadi Kid commitment, but an invitation to do so may accompany graduation from secondary school.

Please consider changing the life of one of these children urgently in need of a sponsor. The sponsorship of a primary student is $40 per month and a secondary is $70 per month.

+ What kind of relationship can I have with my Ahadi kid?

We encourage sponsors to develop a relationship with their child. Please pray for your child and know that they are most certainly praying for you. You may mail or email letters or pictures to your child through our office at any time. Their eyes light up when they receive a letter addressed to them personally and they see photos of their American family, 8,000 miles away!

You can expect to receive an update, letter and photo of your child at least once every year.

As God provides the time and resources, we would love to have you participate in a mission trip which will provide you with the opportunity to visit with your child personally and to witness God's transforming work through Ahadi Kids.


Ahadi Kids Currently Awaiting Sponsors

Due to security concerns, photographs of individual children are not provided on our public site. A full profile with photo is available upon request.

The children below are currently awaiting a sponsor. If you would like to sponsor an Ahadi Kid, please review the profiles of the children below by clicking on their name. Once you’ve chosen an Ahadi Kid to sponsor, use the form below to send us a message indicating the child you would like to sponsor. Once you’ve submitted your request, the ChristAid office will respond with the information requested as well as a link to setup your sponsorship.

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