impacting the region

The positive impact of ChristAid on the communities and region of Fort Portal and Kicuna go far beyond the existence of a school and new homes. The work of ChristAid has had a powerful influence on the entire region by putting “God’s love in action.” Below are just a few ways in which the communities and region have been and are being impacted:

  • Provides an education and a future for hundreds of children from Kicuna where no primary school had existed before.

  • Through the Ahadi Kid sponsorship program, pays school tuition for children who would be unable to attend school because their parents are unable to pay school fees.

  • Provides care and financial support for elderly widows, many of whom are caretakers for their grandchildren, through the “Grandmas for Jesus” sponsorship program.

  • Builds safe and solid block homes for over 25 “Grandmas” replacing the mud and stick homes in which they previously lived.

  • Provides jobs for over 40 young men and women in the “Shelters in the Storm” construction crew who would not otherwise be employed.

  • Has reduced crime by reducing unemployment in the Kicuna area.

  • Has encouraged the creation of small businesses.

  • Has infused funds into the overall economy through building programs and employment, significantly impacting local businesses and the economic stability of the region.

  • Has spiritually impacted the lives of many through consistently living out the “Shelters in the Storm” motto of putting “God’s love in action.”