The vision of ChristAid International is to be a positive influence for Christ in the culture of Uganda. That is being accomplished through Christian education, compassionate care and financial support for the very poor in the region of Fort Portal and Kicuna, Uganda. Those touched by the love of God through the ministry of ChristAid will have, and are having, an impact on their families, their communities, and the nation of Uganda.

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Educationally, the vision began with a desire to provide primary education for the children of the remote, mountain village of Kicuna and the surrounding region. ChristAid Academy, which provides educational opportunities to the children of Kicuna, was the fulfillment of that initial dream. That vision then expanded to also providing secondary and university education through the Ahadi Kid sponsorship program by sending sponsored children to boarding schools. Today the educational vision is expanding again to include a ChristAid Academy Secondary School which will provide a much greater opportunity for the children of Kicuna to receive a quality, Christian education at the secondary school level.

The vision of ChristAid also includes caring for the families of the desperately poor in the region of Fort Portal and Kicuna by providing financial support, safe housing, and medical care for elderly widows who often serve as the care-takers of their grandchildren.

Finally making ChristAid in Uganda self-sustaining rather than dependent on funds from the U.S. is a long-term vision that is beginning to become a reality.