ChristAid International was founded by David Mporampora in 1995 with the purpose of providing an education for the poor children of his hometown, Kicuna, Uganda.  With no school in Kicuna, the children were forced to walk the eight dangerous miles to Fort Portal if they desired to attend school.  Most remained uneducated relegating them to a life of poverty.  In order to rectify that problem, ChristAid Academy was founded to provide the opportunity to receive a primary education.


 ChristAid Academy began with just a few students and one teacher meeting under a tree.  The first building with four classrooms was started in 2004 and, although it was not completed until 2008, it served the students throughout that time.  The second building with four classrooms was built in 2009.  Today ChristAid Academy serves 450 students in the eight classrooms.  Providing the students with an excellent Christian education, ChristAid Academy has rated as one of the top three schools in the district of over 130 schools four years in a row.  In 2018, a preschool was built adjacent to ChristAid Academy.  It serves 150 children, ages three to five, in three classrooms.

Because the cost of operating the school was greater than the funds available from the parents of Kicuna, a sponsorship program, known as Ahadi Kids, was developed to link needy children with U.S. sponsors who would commit to pay their school fees.  Today nearly 200 Ahadi Kids from preschool age to those attending universities are being sponsored providing them with an education.  Many other Ahadi Kids  have already graduated from universities or vocational schools and are serving as leaders in their communities.

In 2013, a solar power system and sanitary rest rooms were added to ChristAid Academy.  In 2018 the grounds were improved by the addition of a hard surface between the buildings making the area cleaner and safer for the students.

Recognizing that many children were orphaned and living with their grandmothers, a second sponsorship program was initiated.  The “Grandmas for Jesus” ministry was begun to provide U.S. sponsors for desperately poor and often weak or ill widows who, in many cases, were responsible for the care of their grandchildren.  Today 120 Grandmas are being served.

In 2017 a new Director of Ministries in Uganda was introduced: Grace Karungi Mugasa.  Because her husband is a physician, medical care for the Grandmas through his clinic was added to the Grandmas for Jesus sponsorship program.  Today all Grandmas receive free medical care, including surgeries when needed and in-patient care.

House 5.jpg

It was noted that many of the Grandmas lived in mud and stick homes that were collapsing and dangerous.  In response to that need, in 2013 a block press was purchased and sent to Uganda, and the “Shelters in the Storm” project began.  The block press compresses clay and a small amount of cement to make a solid and durable block for building.  Those blocks are then used to build safe houses for the Grandmas through the Shelters in the Storm project.  To date 24 Grandmas have received new houses replacing the mud and stick homes they had been living in.  In addition to the homes for the Grandmas, a four-plex apartment building was built for the ChristAid Academy teachers with additional plans to provide other housing opportunities for the teachers.

lorry first dump.JPG

In an effort to encourage sustainability, efforts are being made to create opportunities in Uganda for ChristAid Uganda to secure its own funds.  The first of those projects is the construction of a three-story office and apartment building.  The building will be home to the ChristAid offices as well as providing rental space for income for the ministry of ChristAid.  A second sustainability project was the purchase of a lorry (dump truck).  The lorry reduces the cost of construction for ChristAid and is used as a delivery vehicle for local businesses providing additional income for ChristAid.

Presently, the possibility of starting a secondary school is being evaluated.  A ChristAid Secondary School would eliminate the need to send sponsored Ahadi Kids to boarding schools and would provide them with a secondary education near their homes. 

ChristAid has, throughout its existence as an organization, touched the lives of hundreds of people with the Christian message of grace, love and hope.  That message continues to be shared through chapel services and Bible classes at the school, regular times of testimony and worship with the Grandmas for Jesus, leadership training events for local leaders, and spiritual growth opportunities for all staff.