teacher’s housing unit
June 2017

teachers housing.JPG

In order to provide the ChristAid Academy teachers with better housing than is available elsewhere in Kicuna, a four-plex apartment building was constructed.  Additional teacher housing units will be built as funds become available.

solar and sanitation
July 2017

solar panels.JPG

Kicuna does not have electric power, running water or public sewers available for the community.  Thus solar power panels were installed at ChristAid Academy to provide power for lights, computers, and security.  The solar power also provided the opportunity to pump water to a storage tank making sanitary rest rooms a possibility.  Those projects were completed in 2016 and have proven to be significant improvements in the safety and health of the students and staff.

October 2018


The ChristAid Preschool was dedicated for use in January, 2019. It provides children of the Kicuna area with the opportunity to receive early-childhood education. Three classes are available serving 3, 4, and 5 year old children.

January 2019


A lorry (dump truck) was purchased in 2019 to reduce construction costs of transporting materials.  The lorry is also rented to local businesses to make deliveries providing ChristAid with sustainable income.

beautification project
January 2018

new road
January 2019

beautification project.JPG

In 2018, a mission team installed concrete pavers between the primary school buildings in order to make the property both more attractive and much cleaner.  Trees planted in each of the levels will provide the ChristAid Academy students with shade from the hot sun.

new road.JPG

In order to provide community access to available water, a road was constructed by ChristAid through its property.  The new road links a public road to a spring on ChristAid property where residents of Kicuna are invited to get water.