ChristAid is leading a number of projects to increase opportunity and self-sufficiency in Kicuna and Fort Portal.


Fort Portal Office


ChristAid has purchased a plot of land in the city of Fort Portal and is currently constructing a new office building to not only house ChristAid offices, but to provide self-sustaining income for the ministry through rental space. Fundraising for the building is ongoing. If you would like to contribute, follow the link below.

Because housing in Kicuna typically consists of mud huts made with a mixture of cow dung and dirt, ChristAid purchased a Vermeer Block Press and began building new homes for the grandmothers of the village. More than twenty new homes have been built so far, with more underway.


Christaid academy


ChristAid Academy is the only primary school in Kicuna. Without the Academy, students must walk 10 miles down mountain to the city of Fort Portal, risking their health and safety. ChristAid Academy allows students to attend school in a local, safe, Christ-centered environment.

secondary school

ChristAid, with its international partners, is in the initial process of developing a secondary school in Kicuna to serve its primary school graduates.