The Shelters in the Storm project began in 2013 to construct homes for the members of the Grandmas for Jesus group whose homes were dangerous and in need of replacement. Twenty-five homes have been built since that time for Grandmas, and an additional four are funded and ready to be built. In addition to the homes, the Shelters in the Storm crew has also built a four-plex apartment building for the teachers at ChristAid Academy, a preschool building and two storage buildings. Presently the Shelters crew is building a three-story office and apartment building in Fort Portal to aid in the sustainability of the ministry of ChristAid.

There are forty young men and women employed in the Shelters crew making it possible for them to provide for themselves and for their families. Before Shelters they found it impossible to find work; today many of them have built their own homes or purchased livestock with the money they have made as a part of the Shelters crew. The additional benefits of pride in oneself and one’s work, pride in the community, and the economic benefits that results from employment and added commerce have contributed to the significant, positive changes within the region. In addition to the economic growth, several of the Shelters crew members have left a life of alcohol, drugs or prostitution to be productive citizens of their society. Several have committed their lives to Christ because of the influence of ChristAid.