“I am now growing old and if it wasn’t for your love and care I wouldn’t be alive today. You have made me a joyous Grandma.” (quote from grandma) 

+ What is "Grandmas for Jesus"?

The "Grandmas for Jesus " project helps older women who have little or no income and poor health care, and who have too frequently been forgotten and left to die of poverty and malnutrition. These women are often the care takers for their grandchildren who have lost their parents to AIDS or other diseases; or who have simply disappeared. Though they are barely able physically or financially to care for themselves, they are called on to provide food, shelter and, if possible, an education for their orphaned grandchildren. Your “Grandmas for Jesus” sponsorship provides monthly financial support, free medical care, and ChristAid staff support to the Grandmas, making it possible for them to provide care for those who have become dependent upon them. You help not only your Grandma; you also make a difference in the lives of all those who rely on her. Furthermore, the Grandmas in the Grandmas for Jesus project gather together monthly for worship, testimonies, and encouragement. Those gatherings provide the needed emotional and spiritual support the Grandmas need to continue with their care-taking responsibilities.

+ What is the cost of sponsorship?

Just $35 per month can change the entire outlook on life for a Grandma. She can pay her own medical expenses, get fresh milk or other necessary food items, and participate (if she is able) in group fellowship with other women in the program. Your love and prayers bring them immeasurable peace and joy! Your $35 per month will provide your Grandma with money to care for herself and often her grandchildren, to receive quality medical care, and to provide for ChristAid staff to check on her regularly and help her with chores which she may not be able to accomplish for herself.

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Grandmas Currently In Need of Sponsorship

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